Artist Statement

My art informs my life and my identity.  It fuels and satisfies my inner longings.  My visual images are reflective of themes that have captured my imagination and spiritual vision.  My impulse to make art is primal, and the end result is sometimes unexpected.  This aspect of “not knowing,” adds an element of excitement and allure.  My interior and exterior landscape is transmuted into a personal narrative that is painted, sculpted and collaged.  My desire is to create art from the found materials around me, discarded items that contain creative potential.

Much of my artistic inspiration is based on my love of “outsider art” or naive art. I have an affinity for this raw, childlike and heart-felt sensibility.  Additionally, I enjoy working directly from the landscape and making portraits.

The improvisational nature of jazz music of which I am a major fan, contributes a rhythmic sensibility to the work, as well as inspiring me with lyrics that stimulate my imagination.

Within the last few years, I have discovered the encaustic medium which is an ancient process that fuses wax pigments, resin and beeswax.  My most recent images reveal my work with the wax. This engrossing, sensuous medium allows me tremendous creative freedom, as well as being a powerful means of tying all of my disparate creative threads into a meaningful whole.  It continues to be transformative and healing to my soul.

~Constance Bigony